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TalenCat Account Setting

After completing the registration for your TalenCat account, you can change your account settings in the settings of the TalenCat CV Maker online app.

Once you have successfully entered the TalenCat CV Maker app page, click the [Settings] option at the top to enter the TalenCat account settings page.


On this page, you can change your personal profile, password, software language, and manage your account.

Personal Profile Settings

In the TalenCat account settings page, you can modify your username, avatar, and other personal information.

However, you cannot currently change the email address you have linked, as the email is an important credential for logging into TalenCat.

Profile settings

Password Settings and Change

Additionally, if you want to set or change the password for your TalenCat account, you can click the [Set or reset password] button.

Then, enter the new password you want to set and confirm it. Finally, click the [Save New Password] button to successfully change your account password.

change password

Software Language Settings

Currently, TalenCat CV Maker supports Chinese, English, and Japanese. You can also change your language preference in the settings.

  • In [General Settings] → [Language], you can select the software language.

general setting

Account Management and Deletion

If you decide not to use our service anymore, TalenCat allows you to delete your account and clear all data stored on our servers. To prevent accidental deletion of your account and unnecessary data loss, you need to enter [delete] and then click the [Delete Account] button to delete your account.

Please note:

  • Account deletion is irreversible, and accounts cannot be recovered once deleted.
  • After account deletion, all your data will be erased from the server and cannot be recovered.
  • To avoid unnecessary data loss, we strongly recommend that you back up your data before performing the [Delete Account] operation.