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Core Features

This article aims to introduce the core features of TalenCat CV Maker. Let's take a look at what powerful features TalenCat CV Maker has!

Interactive Resume Editor

TalenCat CV Maker provides an intuitive, interactive resume editor that allows you to see what you get while creating your resume. All the information you enter will be displayed in real-time and visually on the resume on the right.

interactive resume editor

Multiple Resume Management

TalenCat CV Maker can save, sync and manage all your resumes. You can log in to your TalenCat account at any time, from any device, to access, edit and share your resumes. When you log in to TalenCat CV Maker, all your resumes will be visually displayed on the Dashboard page.

multiple resume management

Change Resume Layout

With TalenCat CV Maker's resume layout feature, you can place any resume module anywhere you want. The resume layout feature allows users to maximize customization of their own resumes.

change resume layout

Export and Download Your Resume

When you finish creating your resume, you can export your resume in commonly used formats such as PDF, HTML and image and download it.

donwload or export resume

Share Your Resume Online

TalenCat CV Maker provides the ability to share your resume online. You can customize the link to your resume, and then share your resume with others via this link. Others can access and download your resume via this shared link.

share resume online

Other Features

Log in to TalenCat CV Maker to explore more available features!